Experience You Can Trust

Since 1954, the Walter A. Furman Company has produced premium architectural millwork for financial institutions, law offices, corporate headquarters, and select private residences throughout the Northeast.

Finest Quality Millwork

At Walter Furman, we obsess over detail. Our estimators, engineers, project managers and carpenters have worked with every type of material and assembly, and we engineer down to the smallest part of every project.

We exceed premium grade on every project we build, and we offer expert advice on veneers, laminates, composites, solid woods, joinery, framing, adhesives, hardware, and finishes. Our veteran craftsmen have built it all.

We utilize more than $6 million of precision machinery to produce high-end, technically-demanding millwork. But it’s our experience and meticulous attention to detail that allow us to fulfill our clients’ high expectations.

Fast-Track Flexibility

At Walter Furman, we understand the need to manufacture and install on time — even under the tightest deadlines.

Unlike most millwork shops, we install our own work, which makes us more efficient and more responsive to our clients’ needs. Our project managers, field supervisors and shop foremen all work closely with our customers from initial design through final installation. For 65 years, our clients have relied on us to meet their fast-track deadlines without sacrificing quality.

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